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2013 CBS – SURP Underway!

Our summer program is off and running! Our 11 students are all fully engaged in their labs. We are looking forward to a fantastic summer, getting know our students better, and working with our fabulous faculty.

2012-2013 Hughes Scholars and Mentors Named

Congratulations to this year's Hughes Scholars. Scholars and mentors are as follows: Alissa Bleem and Dr. Ross Carlson Arrika LaSalle and Dr. Ed Dratz Erika Whitney and Dr. Matthew Fields Kasey Holland and Dr. Ed Schmidt Katie Rowe and Dr. Jovanka Voyich Lindsey Wolfe and Dr. Frances Lefcort We look forward to a great year with these six outstanding students and mentors!

2012 CBS-SURP Cohort

Congratulations to: Milat Awel, Michael Gross, Kasey Holland, Connor Murnion, Justin Nagy, Jared Nigg, Steffanie Robertus, Megan Rothstein, Katie Rowe, Ann Seeley,and Erika Whitney

Hughes Scholar on the Air

Check out Ares Geovanos' blog to hear recorded shows on KGLT where he interviews some of MSU's researchers. Find out when you can tune in to hear the next one live.

NSF Career-Life Balance Initiative

“NSF Career-Life Balance Initiative,” is a 10-year plan to provide greater work-related flexibility to women and men in research careers.

NIH fellowship

MSU graduate wins prestigious National Institutes of Health fellowship

The Howard Hughes Undergraduate Biology program at MSU encourages undergraduates to seek careers in biology. We do this by funding research opportunities and offering mentoring to undergraduate biology students.

Hughes Undergraduate Biology

Hughes Scholars

The Hughes Scholars program supports active research and outreach by undergraduate students in areas related to biomedical/bioscience research. Funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the program seeks Montana State University students who are considering careers in biomedical/bioscience research or a medical/health field, and who are dedicated, driven, and innovative.

Hughes Scholars 2014-2015

The successful Hughes Scholar understands the critical nature of a well-rounded education, strong communication skills, and a commitment to providing science learning opportunities to others. Key to the Hughes Scholars fellowships is participation in a significant and meaningful project to reach out to populations through discovery-based and/or research-relevant science. This program differs from others at MSU in that supported projects have a clear methodology for imparting science information to a specific audience, and in a way that encourages young learners or other populations to be excited and intrigued by science.

2014-2015                              2013-2014                                2012-2013

Dani Bergey                                               Michael Burt                                                  Alissa Bleem

Jennifer Burns                                           Josh Carter                                                    Kasey Holland

Ian Cavigli                                                  Emma Hannigan                                           Arrika Lasalle

AnneMarie Criddle                                   Madison Martin                                             Katie Rowe

Spencer Dahl                                            Will McGuinness                                           Laura Whitmore

Laura Fisch                                                Riley Shearer

Emma Garcia                                             James Sutton

Trace Hobbs

Kate McNamee

Rosana Molina

Kaitlyn Okrusch

Shawna Pratt

Paul Puettmann